About Dr. Barney

Dr. Barney is an associate professor of social work at Stockton University, where he teaches courses in research, social welfare policy, international social work, human rights, and cultural competency. His research has primarily focused on culturally competent social work interventions in Africa, but has also focused on other human rights issues throughout the globe, including the problem of human trafficking. He lives in New Jersey with his wife and two sons. He loves to travel, and has been to a number of countries all across the globe.

Recent Publications

Barney, R. J. (2020).  How social workers can use a human rights approach to disasters: Lessons learned from the international community. Journal of Human Rights and Social Work, 5(1), 28-38. https://doi.org/10.1007/s41134-019-00111-2

Barney, R. J. (2017).  South African HIV/AIDS Service Providers' Perceptions of Participatory Decision Making and Empowerment: Exploring the Role of Power Distance. International Social Work.

Van Zyl, M. A., Barney, R. J., & Pahl, K. (2014). Voluntary counseling and testing  and celebrity based HIV/AIDS prevention education: A pilot program implemented in Cape Town secondary schools. Journal of HIV/AIDS & Social Services, 13, 292-305.

Van Zyl, M. A. & Barney, R. J. (2014). Online adolescent HIV/AIDS prevention:  The impact of race on program outcomes. Journal of Ethnic and Cultural Diversity in Social Work, 23(1), 78-92.

Barney, R. J. & Buckingham, S. L. (2012). HIV/AIDS and spirituality in a South African township: A qualitative study. Journal of Religion and Spirituality in Social Work: Social Thought, 31, 51-66.

Barney, R. J., Buckingham, S. L., Friedrich, J. M., Johnson, L. M., Robinson, M. A., & Sar, B. K. (2010). The President’s Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief (PEPFAR): A social work ethical analysis and recommendations. Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare, 37, 9-22.

Recent Presentations

Barney, R. J. & Falk, D. S. (2019, July 16-19). Using interdisciplinary service to strengthen education: Implications for development and multidirectional learning [Conference session]. 20th Biennial International Consortium for Social Development, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Zhou, J. & Barney, R. J. (2018, October 10-13). Voices: An institution's efforts to enhance global learning [Conference session]. 2018 AAC&U Global Engagement and Spaces of Practice Conference, Seattle, Washington.

Falk, D. S. & Barney, R. J. (2017, July 7-11). Exploring the potential for social development in the use of service learning projects at a school in Uganda [Conference session]. 19th Biennial International Consortium for Social Development, Zagrav, Croatia.

Barney, R. J. (July 5-6, 2016). “Using a human rights approach to address disasters.” International Social Work Conference on Social Innovation-Technology and Disaster Recovery, Manila, Philippines.

Barney, R. J. (January 16, 2014). "Exploring the utilization of indigenous priorities among HIV/AIDS programs in Africa: A scale developed to assess local-global intersections." 2014 Annual SSWR Conference, San Antonio, TX.

Barney, R. J. (July 18, 2013). "New frontiers for leadership and social capital: Addressing high power distance among HIV staff in Africa." 18th Biennial ICSD, Kampala, Uganda.

Barney, R. J. (November 12, 2012). “Expanding social work’s role in development: Improving participatory decision making in Africa.” CSWE 2012 APM, Washington, DC.

Barney, R. J. & Van Zyl, M. A. (January 16, 2011). “Collectivist antecedents of organizational commitment among foreign funded HIV/AIDS programs in South Africa”. 2011 SSWR Annual Conference, Tampa, FL.

Barney, R. J. & Buckingham, S. L. (June 24, 2011). “A qualitative study on the role of spirituality in HIV/AIDS services in a South African township: Priorities for enhancing cultural competency.” 2011 North American Conference on Spirituality and Social Work, Washington, DC.

Contact Dr. Barney

For more information, Dr. Robert Barney can be contacted via email at robert.barney@stockton.edu